Disconnect to Connect

Disconnect to Connect


The quote of the month is “You cannot go into a new level with the same mindset”.

January has been a month of cleansing and preparing for what’s to come. A lot of old habits, clothing, and things have left my being. I’ve adapted to this new level of being content, calm, and motivated.

Everything starts in the mind. I began to read a book called “Battlefield of the Mind” by Joyce Meyers explaining how every battle we face starts within the mind first. That’s where the strongholds are placed. So I asked myself, what are my strongholds? My subconscious mind suddenly said “you’re holding back your power because of what you experienced as a child”. Right. I had limited myself because of what I was told growing up. I would say things like “I’m a millionaire”, “I can go anywhere I want”, or I can buy this or that”. As soon as I started sharing my dreams with people, everything changed. Doubts were thrown from every angle. As a child, I thought I wasn’t good enough or since I wasn’t rich I couldn’t do it. That’s where the limitations started. The strongholds in my mind.

Now that I found out my strongholds, how could I defeat them? Well, it’s simple. I started using my spiritual weapons that God put within me. Everyone has the power and weapons to defeat whatever is against them. The most important one is love. That night, I went into a deep prayer and started forgiving everyone that spoke against me and spreaded unconditional love to their directions. It felt s good to release that heaviness off of my heart.
The next morning, a fresh wind blew across my face. I was released. Things changed. Old belongings went out the door.

Detox your mind, body, and spirit to obtain the power and gain the strength that you really have. You have God’s greatest spirit inside of you.

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