Who is Lay Precious Marie?

BeLAYourself: Be, Love, & Accept Yourself

BeLAYourself was created by Latravia Shelton, also known as Lay Marie. It is a fashion & lifestyle blog that guides people to be themselves, love who they are, and create the life they were destined to have. BeLAYourself inspires people to let go of restrictions and limitations and manifest their heart’s desires. Also, BeLAYourself has an online fashion boutique that provides fashionable essentials for clients to create their own style.

About Lay

was born in Columbus, GA with a spirit full of amazing gifts. I’ve always known that there was a greater power inside of me that needed to be activated. As a 10 year old, I was being bullied, suffered from depression, and had extremely low-confidence in myself. Constantly, I thought of ways that could help me release what I was going through. That’s when I found art. Art is anything that you want it to be. Art is healing. I started graphic designing, taking photos of myself to gain confidence, and played dress up with my clothes for joy. At the age of 12, I started my first business as a freelance designer.
As I went through life, my purpose began unfolding for me through some of the most toughest and sweetest moments of my life. I’ve defeated the trials of depression, suicidal thoughts, fear, sexual abuse, and low confidence. My struggles and tribulations are spoken, written, and even created to tell my story, as well as to teach people to receive their full abundance and live a great life. Everything starts with loving yourself.
Today I continue my journey connecting with people around the world, inspiring them to create their own life without limitations.

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